My First Fondant Cake

My First Fondant Cake

I was digging through my old photo albums when I found this photograph of a cake I made in January this year, for the first birthday of my friend’s kid. It’s not a great photo and the date stamp is wrong, but that was all I had and I wanted to share it with you all.

I had decorated the cake with homemade fondant. It was a very simple, basic sort of decoration with a kid’s theme. It was my first time at fondant and the result was pretty good, with no tearing or smudging of the fondant. The cake itself was an unleveled one made from a store bought chocolate mix.

Here’s the recipe:

Marshmallow Fondant:
Marshmallows – 16 ounces white mini marshmallows
Sugar – 2 pounds Powdered sugar
Shortening – 1/2 Cup
Water – 2 to 5 tablespoons

Melt marshmallows with 2 tablespoons of water in a microwave for 21/2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. Place 3/4 of the powdered sugar on the top of the melted marshmallow mix and stir with a greased ladle, till the marshmallows and the sugar have mixed to some extent, though not thoroughly. The marshmallow mix would have cooled down now. Grease your hands and start kneading the mix like dough. Your hands will get sticky but keep kneading and use the shortening to grease your hands. Add the rest of the sugar and keep kneading. Whenever your hands get very sticky, use some shortening, but not more than the half cup which has been prescribed. If the mix is tearing, add 1/2 a tablespoon of water at a time and knead it in. It usually takes about 8 mintes to get a firm, smooth, elastic ball which will not tear when stretched.

To decorate, first apply a layer of frosting to the cake. The frosting helps the fondant to stick to the cake.

Coming to the fondant, roll out the fondant to the size of your cake, as you would do with chappathi dough. The recipe I have give is more than enough to cover a single layer of 13 by 9 inch cake. You can also add colors to the fondant and make shapes out of it. I made the butterfly and the flower and attached it to the base using a little water. For adding color, please use gel- based colors. Liquid or powder colors have a tendency to interfere with the elasticity of the fondant.

When it comes to marshmallows, one of the ingredients used for their making is gelatin. Gelatin as you would know can be derived from plant or animal source. Those who have qualms about using a animal source, do check the ingredients list on your marshmallows. I chose marshmallows which used gelatin from a plant source.

2 thoughts on “My First Fondant Cake

  1. Looks good Chandrika. I use marshmellow fondant for most of my fonadant cakes. Way to easy to make compared to the traditional fondant preparation and easy to handle too. Loved the rope.


  2. Hi Chandrika,

    You cake looks great and has very clean finishing. What brand of marshmellow do you use? I am a vegetarian too. Thanks.


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