I never thought writing a post for Blog day would be so tedious, not because I had not found any new blogs, but because I had so many that I did not know which one to list down… 😦

I found out about Blog Day from Paz. BlogDay was started as a way for bloggers to discover new blogs of different cultures, views and areas of interest. More information is available at
Paz’s blog.

First of all, I would like to thank Paz for listing my blog…As a newbie in blogsphere, I have been discovering new blogs everyday and I found it very tough to select just five blogs… Yet, I have managed to list out some of the interesting blogs I found recently:

1. Raji’s En Iniya Ninaivugal
Raji writes about memories. Yes, memories and thoughts which all of us have treasured in our minds. Her eloquence keeps one hooked to the lines till the very end.

2. Orchidea’s Viaggi & sapori
Orchidea blogs about Italian food. It’s a treasure trove of recipes and beautiful pictures .

3. Shynee’s Indian Potpourri-Recipes,Culture,Ethnicity
As the name suggests, it is a potpourri of all cuisines with very interesting writeups and colorful photographs. I love this blog for the numerous seafood recipes..

4. Balaji S Rajan’s Reflections Of Mind
Balaji writes with a strong social awareness which drives home the point and keeps us wondering long after the webpage is closed.

5. Nicky & Oliver’s Delicious days
This blog needs no introduction at all. It has been selected as one of 50 coolest websites of 2006 by Time. The blog is so full of gorgeous pictures and recipes that it feels like a beautiful cookbook spread out for us.

Apart from the blogs mentioned above, the blogs which I adore are:

Indira’s Mahanandi

Sailaja’s Sailu’s Food

Archana’s Spicyana

Paz’s Cooking Adventures

Kay’s Towards a better tomorrow

Shilpa’s Aayi’s Recipes

Shankari’s Stream of Consciousness

Karthi Kannan’s KitchenMate

Revathi’s En Ulagam

Let me stop here, lest I be disqualified from Blog Day! 🙂

The list is very long and all my favorite blogs are listed in the links section.. Happy Reading!

11 thoughts on “BLOG DAY 2006

  1. LOL! I know the feeling of wanting to list so many blogs when we’re supposed to do five! It’s impossible! 😉 What a nice list you have! And thank you so much for mentioning me here. I’m very honored. Best,Paz


  2. Oh that’s so sweet of u chandrika…I feel honoured…good list indeed…it is a tough job if u ask to make a list of five…for we have now an amazing no of excellent bloggers…good write up…many thanks!


  3. Chandrika,Thank you very much for the mention.It was very magnanimous of you to write nice words to encourage a newbie like me when there are several other blogs who write much better than what I do.


  4. Chandrika,Glad that my writings are recognized. I am happy as long as it serves the purpose. Pen is mightier than sword. I have had a very humble begining in my life and have seen many people who have suffered in life. This is what brings a lot of social awareness and want to serve the deserving ones. Thanks for your encouragement and mentioning about my blog. At the end of the day, if people’s awareness increases, and humanity develops, I will be very glad. Let us bring in a new society.


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