Nutty Delight

Nutty Delight

When Vineela of Vineela’s Cooking announced the topic for JFI#5 – Milk, I was delighted and went off on a trip down memory lane reliving all my “milkilicious” memories…! This is my entry to the event.

I love milk…I really love milk. My mom used to say that even as a child, when kids my age made their moms run after them to make them gulp down a glass a milk, I would finish mine and ask for more !! Even my little sister would drink milk only if a couple of drops of coffee is added to it. Quite funny, isn’t? Well, my love for milk continued well through adulthood and I realise that I play a very important part in emptying the gallons of milk in our refrigerator!

Back home, plain milk had quite a good flavor. But I somehow do not like the milk which we get here. So, I have to mix it with something like Complan, Horlicks, Rose Syrup and anything which would add some flavor.

Coming to today’s recipe, this is a beverage I make quite often, when I get fed up with the store bought products. It’s a refreshing and maybe a little heavy drink, given the fact that lots of nuts go into its making.

Let me get to the recipe:

Milk – 1 Tall glass – Approximately 450 ml

Broken Cashew Nuts – 3 Tablespoons
Blanched Almonds – 6
Raisins – 1 Tablespoon
Pitted Dates – 4

Vanilla Extract or Almond Extract (Optional) – 1/4 Teaspoon

Except the milk and the extracts, grind the rest of the ingredients to a fine paste, adding a little milk. Mix this paste with the rest of the milk. Chill and serve.

The vanilla or almond extract is optional. Instead a little cardamom powder can be used. Added to the cashews and almonds, pistachios can also be used.

22 thoughts on “Nutty Delight

  1. It looks delitious and the photo is great! I also like milk but in the last years I bagan to have problems in digesting it so I cannot drink so much… I switched to soya milk, which I love too.Ciao.


  2. Delicious recipe Chandrika,first time here and I too have made badam milk for JFI. Yours has more nuts and with dates it tastes totally delicious. Thanks …Nice blog, Keep them coming


  3. That is such a unique recipe, Chandrika. I am sure gonna make it for my daughter and me. Both of us are such big fans of milk that we wouldn’t mind swimming in it. 🙂


  4. Hey ChandrikaIt’s my first time here, probably because I got confused between Akshayapaatram and your blog name…Lovely stuff going here, will be here often and I must give you a special compliment for your neat template and clear photographs.


  5. Vineela, Orchidea: Thanks a lot!Jayshree: Thanks much…By the way, I am Chandrika..not Priya! 🙂Lera, Prema, Shynee, Shilpa: Thanks much!Sailaja, thank you. You left a comment on a different post.Welcome, Madhu and Thank you.Thank you TastyCooks.Vaishali, hope your daughter likes it…Thanks Balaji, hope your kids like it…Mandira, KrishnaArjuna, Rp : Thank you all!Welcome Nandita and thank you for your kind words!Sudha and Raji: Thank you so much for your concern…I was not well for some time…I am doing much better now…Thank you again for enquiring…It feels so great to know that I have friends who care…Thanks, Asha!


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