Potato Puli kuzhambu

Potato Puli KuzhambuOf late, I have been craving for spicy and tangy food…Blame it and a host of other things like not being able to participate in JFI-Coconut and not being able to wish all of you on time, on the fever which is sapping my energy now and then and is pushing me into a dark abyss of restlessness and irritability…Of irritability I can say that even the sound of water running in the faucet is enough to get on my nerves nowadays..The less said about the rest of things the better.. Of restlessness was born the sudden change of font in my blog..I can hear you all sympathising for my DH and I can only say that he is taking it all in his stride with the patience and understanding a person can possibly have. Hope all this will pass and I will be my normal self soon.. 🙂
Coming to the recent tangy dish I made, much to Sai’s dismay, was Potato PuliKuzhambu, which translates to Potato Tamarind Gravy. Its so common in my home and is made atleast once a week. The predominant tastes are tanginess and spicyness, which is certainly not a combination for the faint of heart. This recipe can be made from a lot of different vegetables like Taro Root, Okra, Brinjal, Bitter Gourd, Potato and Karunai Kizhangu.

Though I get almost all my recipes from my mom, the person who helped me perfect this concoction was my little sister…Thanks Subbi!

Here’s the recipe:

Potato – 1/2 kg – About 8 small potatoes
Onion – 3 Medium – Sliced
Plum Tomatoes – 4 Medium – Sliced
Tamarind – A big lemon sized ball
Chilli Powder – 4 Teaspoons
Coriander Powder – 4 Teaspoons
Turmeric – A pinch
Oil – 1 Tablespoon

For Seasoning:

Curry Leaves – 6
Curry Vadagam – A small piece
Mustard Seeds – 1 Teaspoon
Fenugreek Seeds – A pinch
Jeera – 1/2 teaspoon
Urad Dal – 1/2 teaspoon
Soak tamarind in 4 cups of water and extract the juice and set aside. Add oil in a saucepan and once it is hot, add the items under seasoning. Wait till they turn light brown and add onions. Fry till brown and add tomatoes and a pinch of salt. Wait till the tomatoes turn mushy. Add peeled and diced potatoes, turmeric, chilli powder and coriander powder and fry for a couple of minutes. Add tamarind water and salt. After it boils, lower the heat, cover and simmer till the potatoes are cooked. You can adjust the water according to the thickness desired. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with hot rice, idli or dosa!

40 thoughts on “Potato Puli kuzhambu

  1. I just replied to your comment on my blog saying that I haven’t seen a post from u in a long time and here you are, with a yummy recipe again! Nice pic. All that tamarind must make it real tangy! Will try it sometime for sure.


  2. Hi Chandrika,

    Sometimes a good spicy dish is just the thing to perk up not only the tastebuds, but the spirits as well! This certainly perked me up — it looks fabulous. Can’t wait to try. Wishing you a wonderful New Year 🙂


  3. Hi Chandrika,
    A flu takes it on good time dear, just relax and let it pass. Hope you feels better soon. Take care. That is one good looking bowl of curry, thank you for the recipe.


  4. Hey Chandrika, I like spicy food and when I saw something spicy cooking on your blog, couldn’t stop myself from reading it. Its a very nice dish and colorful too. It sounds somewhat like punjabi dum aloo…Isn’t it? 🙂

    Love your creation and nice pic too.



  5. uh oh! sorry to hear that you are not doing well. Hope you feel better soon!

    Puli kuzhambu sounds yummy and the picture does complete justice to it…it looks lip-smackingly good!



  6. hey i tryed to make this the other night and it turded out EXTREMLY hot,now i love hot food but this way unnatural ammounts of spice even after adding yogurt to it what do tou think i have done wrong?????????


  7. HI chandrika,

    I am sridevi, your recipe was really good, i tried yesterday. I am in UK doing my higher studies…so this recipe was really helpful to taste my Indian food, please post more recipes like this so I can try it out


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