Homemade Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

I am back from my short vacation rejuvenated and am ready to take up new challenges. I thank all my readers who had left a comment and I should hopefully reply back to all in a day or two. While my trip was good, I had a horrendous time while coming back and have not yet recuperated from the turmoil Air India put us through. I will save that for my next post.

Two weeks of sitting at home and having good homemade food has made me lazy and when I opened my fridge on Tuesday, I was at a loss for culinary inspiration! I had cleaned out my fridge before leaving and there was no butter or jam or any other spread to be had with bread. When stuck with a situation like this, my normal reflex is to make egg omelets, but I had cleared out eggs too. You might be thinking ‘ Get up and go to the store, girl’. Well, while that option was pretty much available, as I said we were yet to recover from the tiring journey and driving seemed a mammoth task and making something at home seemed smaller effortwise! So, this time it was peanut butter. Yes, I make peanut butter at home. It’s the easiest recipes I have ever come across and I find making it at home very sensible than keeping a jarful of store bought butter lying around untouched for a year, because I have very few takers for it. When I made my first batch with a cup of peanuts, it lasted for over a month and I love the flexibility because I can make it fresh whenever I need it.

The recipe is child’s play as I had mentioned. Roast peanuts as you would do for chutney, on a low flame, till light brown. Let it cool. Grind in a food processor adding absolutely no water. Add a teaspoon or two of oil, along with a pinch of salt. You can add a pinch of sugar too, if you like. Stop the processor when the peanut butter has reached the consistency you desire, be it chunky or silky smooth. You can add a little bit more oil, if you want the butter to spread easily.

Butters can be made with almost all nuts and the process remains the same. Try cashewnut butter, almond butter or try mixing nuts. You can experiment with adding seasonings like chilli powder, black pepper or anything which catches your fancy. Just like my flavored butter post, the sky is the limit when it comes to variations!

36 thoughts on “Homemade Peanut Butter

  1. Hi Chandrika! welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your India trip a lot. I can understand very well about journey tirind. Take rest for some days. Nice post and easy and delicious post too. I didn’t know about this type of recipe. Its purely new to me. Thanks for sharing. Will try soon.BTW I added your blog name in my blogger’s list. Keep on coming dear. All the best.


  2. thanks for this recipe, chandrika. you were missed. i have a recipe in mind with your peanut butter recipe. i’m guessing other nut butters can be prepared the same way.


  3. I used to make peanut butter too when I had my favourite sumeet mixie with me.These blenders are an awful lot, and don’t move unless I add lots of water.Looks great,very nice picture.Nothing beats the goodness of home made and fresh food:)


  4. Air India experience.. hmm wonder what it is.. Glad ur back safe..so how was ur india trip ?? The peanut butter pic looks great.. looks like skid in your mouth…


  5. My hubby can eat up a whole jar of peanut butter if given a chance….he likes anything to do with peanut,so cant imagine how hooked he will be with the home madeo nes!! the simplicity of ur pics is always a delight for me:)Shn


  6. Hi Chandrika,welcome back.I am back from vacation too!:))Peanut butter sandwiches are a great hit in my family.Great to see homemade ones too.


  7. Hi chandrika..happy to see u back.And ur recipe is so simple and looks yummy. My family likes peanuts a lot. What we do generally is roast peanuts and have them along with gud.(bellam). We like combo.This butter looks perfect for bread spread.Thanks for sharing dear. some times we lack of simple ideas:-))


  8. I am already fantasizing about my nut butters of the future. I’m wondering if its imperative to roast the nuts at home before processing – could I use already-roasted nuts, or would I lose the really potent nut flavor?Anyway, lovely blog and I’m now hooked and will keep coming back!


  9. hi, welcome back. hope you had a great time. every one has a story about the disasters in Air India. I too have one. You peanut butter recipe looks so simple and easy to make.


  10. Great recipes & pics!Would keep coming back for more.Is there a recipe index somewhere here? Am I missing it? It would make locating/browsing recipes so much more easier!AL


  11. Hey Chandrika, I love your recipes for its simplicity and your blog is really inspirational. There are aso many new things I learn each day juz like your homemade Peanut butter… sounds great and very easy to make. I am new to blogging and recently started my own food blog you can visit at < HREF: HTTP://PADMASKITCHEN.BLOGSPOT.COM HREF="" REL="nofollow">Padma’s Kitchen<>


  12. Wow! That was really quick. Thanks a lot for the index. I am a regular here. This makes it so much easier.I made your chocolate brownies the other day. They were so good! Thanks a lot for the recipe!AL


  13. Cheez..Thanks Bee..It feels good to be missed! 🙂 I am looking forward to your recipe…And yes, other nut butters can be prepared in the same way.


  14. Jyothsna, you can refrigerate nut butters. I would say it stays fresh for a month. When you want to use it, bring it to room temperature or microwave for a couple of seconds.


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