Blueberry Picking


Last weekend was fun. We had gone blueberry picking at Boyce Berry Farm, NJ. Fresh vegetable, fruit picking is what I love the most about summer. While apples are at their best during september and october, strawberries show up in their red garbs during may – june and blueberries are ready to be picked during July – Aug. My first picking trip was to Apple orchards. The fruit we picked were enough to last us for a couple of months. The following year, we were on our way for strawberries. But I didn’t have much forethought about storing and the picked lot was eaten, given away to friends and family to be relished.

This year, I had my plans laid out for storing blueberries and on the very first day of picking, we were at the fields as early birds. And early birds get the worm! We got the best fruit, without much competition from fellow pickers. Added to the sweetness of the berries were the words of the landlady who said that the berries were not sprayed. We brought our bounty of 14 pounds home, promptly put them away in the freezer in ziploc bags and when they froze to marbles, we knew we had our year’s supply ready to made into milkshakes, stirred into cakes and muffins and to be had with cereal. The total cost of a pound including gas came to 2.50$ whereas at the stores, a pound cost 5.00$, that too not organic. And of course, add to it the fun, satisfaction and exercise you get from these field trips.

If you had not gone picking, I suggest you do it right away. Pick Your Own Farms may or may not have an entry free. If the farm boasts of a bakery and hay ride, expect an entry fee along with it, though the hayride is really fun.

Pick Your Own farms are listed here:

NJ – http://www.state.nj.us/jerseyfresh/searches/pyo.htm


Look forward to a lot more recipes with blueberries in the coming days! πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Blueberry Picking

  1. Hey thats cool! I was looking for some farm picking in NJ, we live in Morris county and no blueberry farm nearby. I love blueberries bcoz of its rich antioxidants and fiber contents. 14 pds is a huge amt and am sure you can entertain with them in winters….Nice and very informative posts Thanks Chandrika!


  2. hey me too planning to go farm picking and I felt I should wait till end of july. I live in North jersey. where are you from? you inspired me more.


  3. That was really fun and intersting to knwo more about picking fruits….i heard from few….your writeup was very good.infact created desire to go for that…i already put a application with my hubby by showing ur post..lets see


  4. Oh there are lots of farms around padma..Check out the links in the post..U are sure to find a good farm with blueberries..Ya, 14 pounds is huge and we toiled for 2hrs in the hot sun..But the result is worth the effort!


  5. Hi, happy to see you back Chandrika! You are in awesome blueberry country there — photo is lovely! We get those up here in the stores from NJ. Look forward to see what you’re gonna make for us πŸ™‚ Peanut butter looks tasty too!


  6. Oh I miss CA:(, we use to go every summer for fruit plucking in liver moor. I have to check with someone here. I’m sure you had lots of fun and a good bargain with those berries.


  7. I just spent 2 hours researching where to go for blueberries. I found out that due to a late frost, the count is down this year, so the season mostly ends this last weekend of June. As I live close to Iselin, Middlesex County (Little India), and there are no blueberry farms this far north (the one in Cranbury is gone), these two I found to the West of us off of Rt.78: 1)Hillview Farms 223 Meyersville Rd., Gillette NJ(908) 647-0957which grows blueberries,tomatoes, apples,pumpkins,& cut flowers, and 2)Asbury Raspberry Farm(near Highbridge and Clinton) 211 Asbury-Broadway Rd., (Rt. 643), Asbury NJ (908) 689-8182which grows raspberries&blueberries It appears that all of the other blueberry farms are located to the south of Middlesex, Monmouth, and Mercer Counties due to general growth requirements of both well drained and highly acidic soil. The pine tree covered sandy loam soil down there gets a lot of rain and makes for easy blueberry growing. That is why Hammonton (Rt.206 & AC Expressway) is the “Blueberry Capital of the World”.


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