Eenadu Steals!

It has happened again. First it was ifoodTv which stole my photos and now its the popular Telugu newspaper Eenadu which has stolen two of my recipes, Potato Sticks Curry and Poha Laddoo with photographs in their July 22nd issue. They have cleverly morphed the photos and published my recipes in their newspaper and website. This was brought to my notice by Ramya of Aromas Of My Food. My many thanks to her.

I feel deeply saddened and irritated. Yesterday it was Yahoo now its Eenadu. Aren’t there any rights to protect us bloggers? Yes, our content is free for reading and trying out, but it is not to be stolen or exploited. Isn’t it?

I have asked my people to get in touch with Eenadu.

I demand an explanation and an apology from Eenadu and immediate removal of the plagiarized content or appropriate credits to be given.

I will keep you posted. Meanwhile I request all of you, my friends to spread the word… Thanks in advance for all your support..

The links are :
Eenadu – http://eenadu.net/htm/2vnewruchi.asp

IfoodTv – http://www.ifood.tv/node/179 A copy of my Papad Curry
http://www.ifood.tv/node/448 A copy of my Radish Kosambari

25 thoughts on “Eenadu Steals!

  1. Eenaadu Aadivaram used pics from the Hyderabadi cookbook by Pratibha Karan – she had given the recipes for four chutneys and they took the picture. There was no attribution/courtesy mention and I couldn’t be sure if they had taken her permission or not. I have kept an eye on these columns for plagiarism ever since.


  2. Saju, I feel we bloggers are taken for granted. Either these people do not realise that copyright violations are applicable to the Internet or they just don’t care.


  3. Sharmi, I feel its high time we do something about this and get some law to protect our interests. If plagiarism keeps happening repeated, how long can we hold our interest and keep blogging?


  4. I hate to see this happening again and again. Makes us feel helpless. There should be something that could be done against this. Whom are we to approach in ths regard?


  5. SIGH!!! Is this ever gonna end!!! You are very true…. we seem to be taken for granted…. if this continues we will have to make our blogs private!!


  6. Chandrika, my some suggestion is try to print some name of ur website or some name on the photographs..hope you have seen mine.I don’nt say even that can’nt be manipulated..but I think it can prevent to an extent.Hope this will help you in some way dear!


  7. Chandrika, I just checked the link on Eenadu and now only lemon noodles and veg omelette pictures are there, yours are not – it looks like your complaint worked.


  8. Chandrika, You really have a great blog. I really enjoy (and cook) your recipes. Thank you very much. I saw your post on dining hall also. I don’t think what the editor did is right. If she did not do it on purpose why did she modify the pictures. Also if you look at the veg omlet recipe they just translated Shilpa’s recipe word for word. If it was a mistake why is she still keeping that one. -Aparna


  9. I think you should change the post to say Eenadu has removed the picture and you’re glad they have taken action – after all, the pix stay in their magazine, and they’ve been stealing from others as well, I’m sure they know very well it shouldn’t be done.


  10. Chandrika,The people in charge of filling space in those pages of paper are not constrained by principles like “thouh shalt not steal”.It is not like the management has control over every word that is printed. I am not condoning their behavior .. I’m just saying. ONe way for you is to contact eenadu management – which I think you’re already doing.Another way, is you take the story to their arch rival vaarta – they may take up your case. OTOH, they may not because they are like that too.Yes, we bloggers have to be vigilant about protecting our IP rights! Whichever way this turns – al the best.


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