Blog Anniversary And A Meme

( I wrote this post on July 30th and forgot to post it. However I have not changed the date.)

Today was the day a year back when I gingerly stepped into blogosphere, wondering what was in store for me on this virtual journey and for long I would be traveling. Well, its been a year now and so far so good.

Believe me, I was blissfully unaware of food blogs for a very long time. In 2006, around May I peeked into Indira’s kitchen and was fascinated by what I saw. Time and again, I used to visit Mahanandi and other blogs linked to it. Fascination turned to desire and desire became reality on July 30th, just in time to participate in JFI – Flours. A couple of days before AkshayaPatra, I modified the template to suit my taste. I worked on it at a stretch for hours on July 30th and then came the naming ceremony. From my school days, I have been drawn towards mythical, mysterious things like the Akshayapatra – the vessel which has a never ending supply of food. Sai nodded his approval when I pronounced AkshayaPatra with a Capital P as the blog title. Thus began the journey.

And Wow what a journey! Each of your comments inspired me to be better. The days when I got delayed responses from you were restless ones. And the days when you left comments were well, happy days!

I learnt photography from Sai and my pictures became better as I went along. I started inventing new recipes and also trying out new ones. I was involved in cooking like never before and looked at food with a new angle of appreciation. My virtual contacts list grew, I even have telephone contacts with a few. However as the days went, my post frequency decreased due to various factors. Ill health, busy work life being a few. Even now I admire those who are as regular as a clock and am amazed at their energy, discipline and commitment. This year however, I have taken a resolution to post often and to reply to comments on time.

With blogging came brushes with plagiarism. Yahoo, IfoodTv and recently Eenadu. The fight is still on and hope this year we bloggers would get some protection for our work.

I thank all of you who took some time and visited my little place on the web. And I thank all of you who cared to leave a word when I published a new post and when I did not, wondering where I was, What I was up to and if I was ok. This is the energy which propels me to go on.

Thank you so much. Keep visiting as always!

A bit more of myself through a meme tagged by Jyothi of Andhra Spicy – 7 Random facts about Myself. Here it goes:

I am a certified NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner. I practice self healing and have found immense relief.

I used to write stories from about 11 years and had a little book of my scribblings. However I simply couldn’t write from the second year of my college and that cloud lifted only after I started blogging.

I lived in Seattle as a child and we left for India when I was 11 yrs. We lived in a small town for 6 months and it did not have a library. I was bored to death and started reading my mom’s BA English literature books. I think I read Shakespeare, Charles dickens…

I hate to be waken up rudely or disturbed when I am sleeping. I despise it and cannot stand it when someone else is undergoing the same.

I love early mornings ( 5 to 6.30 am)and late afternoons ( 2 to 4 pm). I love to see the sun rising and the sight fills me with hope. But I don’t take well to evenings or nights and sunset fills me with gloom and despair.

Aircrafts fascinate me the most and I consider myself lucky to have worked in that domain.

I cannot imagine myself having a dog or a cat for a pet, though my husband is a dog lover.

9 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary And A Meme

  1. Happy Anniversary Chandrika…. Glad to know some more about you… loved reading your meme…. Wow…you read Shakespeare and Dickens at the age of 11…i have read almost all of Shakespeare’s too…great going:)


  2. Happy first anniversary Chandrika!:)You are a great blogger and I love your photography.Thanks for keeping up with blogging and I am always happy to support you.Lovely MeMe.Went back to India when 11 to a town without a library!!!WOW!Good that you got your mum’s books to read!;D


  3. Hi!Iam Madhavi.Your meme was good.Simple and and clear.Iam a new blogger and I too feel happy to see comments in my blog. I visted your blog for the first time when u made mango pie.Ever since I have been visiting your blog.I have added you in my blogroll and google reader too.keep writing and come up with many many more recipes and hope you have wonderful time ahead


  4. Hearty congrats on your anniversary! your meme was fun to read.I too dont like to be woken up in the middle of sleep. so you are a great writer!! tell me more about self healing.


  5. Congrats on the blog anniversary! I loved the meme and reading about you …. WOW! you write too – you seem to be a master of all trades 🙂 …. why don’t u post one of your stories on your blog … it would be wonderful to read them.


  6. Chandrika,Happy blog anniversary. I wish you to celebrate many more such anniversaries.As I said earlier, the first blog I came across was your’s and your posts and pics have always created an awe. I always wait for your JFI recipes as I know you are going to come up with some thing new. Keep up the good work.


  7. Chandrika,Congrats on your blog anniversary! Sometimes I do not want to look into your blog fearing that you would have posted a great picture which may add my craving for food. Lovely photos added with good recipe. Carry on your good work my friend!


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