Blueberry Milk Shake

Blueberry Shake

For MM-Earth Food, Meeta has asked us to write about the measures we have taken to save our earth and the two things which come to my mind right away are :

1. My family stopped lighting fireworks ever since I was 13. My dad pointed out the hazards created by the debris and noise of fireworks and we kids agreed. The first year was hard but the feeling of satisfaction was immense. On Diwali while all other houses are adding their share to the garbage and noise pollution, we light lamps all over the house and turn off the electric ones.

2. I have stopped using incandescent light bulbs and have switched over to compact flourescent ones.

And what better way to celebrate MM – Earth Food than with organic fresh produce? Using the organic blueberries which we picked from a farm a month ago, I made a milk shake. The original recipe is from the web, though I don’t remember the source and I modified it to suit my taste.

Here is the recipe:

Banana – 1 ripe one
Blueberries (Frozen or Fresh) – 1/2 cup
Milk – 1 Cup
Honey – 1 Tbsp

Blend everything till smooth. Adjust the honey according to your taste or replace it with sugar. A very ripe banana makes this drink very flavorful.

This is a very simple recipe and I am not sure if Meeta would accept my entry. But nevertheless I am sending it across.

24 thoughts on “Blueberry Milk Shake

  1. No fireworks for the kiddies!:(We buy little sparklers but no big noise making crackers.I do the Candles too!:))Of course,Blueberry Milkshake looks yummy and Earthy too.Great entry!:)


  2. Looks cool and refreshing Chandrika. No one in the family likes blueberries when eaten raw, actually once I got a brand everyone liked, all other brands of those boxes, they hate.But I have no clue as to which was the one they liked 😦If you are not picking them from the farm, which variety do you buy ?


  3. If you had been in UK I would have made it compulsory to keep a glass or little of whatever recipe you are publishing in the blog. The pictures are so tempting. I hope the taste too! Hmm..m at least once in life, I should tast some item made by you.


  4. That is such a great point about the fireworks! When I was about 10, I realized with horror that the fireworks we played with were made by child laborers and refused to touch another fire cracker. Diwali had become such a nightmare of frightening noises and pollution 😦


  5. Great post!I think being a vegetarian is great for our Earth, and being a vegan is even better for our wonderful earth!Fortunately, it is very easy to be a vegan in United States, as the supermarkets are brimming with numerous diary and meat alternatives.


  6. Looks so yummy. Blueberry is my hubby’s fav fruit. will try it soon. BTW, I have an award waiting for you in my blog. check it out when u have time.


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