Terror Strikes Hyderabad – Aug 25th

Terror strikes our India again in the form of twin blasts at Hyderabad, the quaint old city. Among the myriad of emotions coursing through my mind at the moment, the one which is all consuming is the awareness that terrorism can strike so close. At this most distressing moment, my heart goes out to the innocent lives and I pray for the strength of their kith and kin.

More Information here.

Hyderabad police have setup the following helpline numbers: 91-40-23202833, 91-40-9440815456

Blood Donation Help line numbers are: 91-40-23559555, 91-40-9948118765

12 thoughts on “Terror Strikes Hyderabad – Aug 25th

  1. thanks for the info chandrika.. my parents and sis live there and i rushed to the phone the minute i read this… it is too bad that they are befind innocent lives.. really when will this madness stop??


  2. It’s very very scary Asha…Gokul Chat is a place I visit when I go to Hyderabad..It’s similar to Cool Joint in Jayanagar 4th block…And if terror can strike such a place, it is very scary…


  3. Yes chandrika, my relatives too live there. but it is not only for my relatives , i feel so bad about the innocent kids who had come on a trip to the park. wonder when all this will end.


  4. I’ve been to Lumbini and Gokul Chat on Saturday evenings… I know how crowded those places are… and these guys wanted maximum innocent lives to be taken.


  5. Its all the more shocking to observe the State Govt. not interested in coming up with strict anti-terrorist acts to curb the rising terrrorism in this beautiful city, …Would we learn something from the < HREF="http://lnmiit.blogspot.com/2007/08/black-saturday-for-hyderabad.html" REL="nofollow">Black Saturday for Hyderabad<> ??


  6. Chandrika,I read of this in the news of course, and with heavy heart — it’s so sad that our children must grow up in this age of caution morphed into near paranoia. I like to think that our little corner of the world, the blog-world, can be an example of people from diverse backgrounds relating across something greater than physical boundaries, and foster better understanding of how differences can and should be celebrated rather than feared.


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