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OPOS© Instant Pot Masala Chai

Masala Chai

Thanksgiving… What are you thankful for? 
I give thanks for the sun.. for the moon.. for the stars.. for the air.. And as T says ‘I am thankful for life.’ Yes, I am thankful for life with all it’s ups and downs and challenges. I am also thankful for gratification in small ways like a cup of sweet chai on a tiring day.
Growing up, I was never a fan of tea or coffee. Milk was my staple. Now and then, my sister would offer to make chai. That’s pretty rare, because we never stepped into the kitchen until some culinary fantasy took over us. Thanks to our parents for keeping us out of household chores at that young age. 
Now, the chai which my sister made was light on milk, quite strong, fragrant with cardamom and sweet. Fast forward a decade or so, Mr.S (aka Hubs) stepped into our lives and introduced us to Hyderabad Chai. It had quite an amount of milk, aromatic with cardamom and ginger and delicious. Pretty soon, I was hooked on this chai and kind Mr.S took it upon himself to make it every weekend. While I tried my best to learn the recipe, I didn’t quite get the hang of it till about a year or so. My chai would turn out either too strong or too light or too heavy on milk or not enough milk. It was annoying and frustrating. Because when Mr.S makes Chai, he just eyeballs everything. I need measurements. I don’t believe in approximations. So I set about quantifying every ingredient. And now, I make Chai in my household. The sole tea master! Victory!! 🙂 And I make it in the Instant Pot in PIP OPOS style. You can use the recipe on a stove top too. I prefer the convenience of not having to ‘babysit’ the tea when I use the Instant Pot. In the photo below, you can see the tea pot I use inside the IP. I don’t need to even filter the tea. I just pour it out and enjoy!
Chai in Instant Pot
This is a ‘dump all and make’ kind of recipe.
Masala Chai:
Makes 1 cup of Chai
Milk (Whole milk/Skim/Low Fat) – 1/2 cup
Water – 1/2 cup
Granular Black Tea – 1/2 Tbsp (Three Roses or Taj Mahal or any brand you prefer)
Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp or 2 cardamom pods (Optional)
Grated Ginger (Without Skin) – 1 Tbsp (Optional)
Clove powder – 1/8 tsp or 2 cloves (Optional)
Black pepper – 1/8 tsp or 4 pepper corns (Optional)
Cinnamon powder – 1/8 tsp (Optional)
Sugar (Acc. to taste and Optional)
Add all the ingredients to a heat safe container. Place in the Instant Pot in PIP style for 11 minutes on Low Pressure, Natural Pressure Release. Filter and enjoy!
On the stovetop, add all the ingredients to a saucepan. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 3 to 5 mins. Filter and enjoy!

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