Pittsburgh Trip

I had wanted to write this post for long, but somehow got postponed. Along with two other families, we went on a trip to Pittsburgh a month back. It was not the very best time to go on a long trip, taking into account that it was good 8 hrs drive and that it was raining cats and dogs, but we were bent on having a glimpse of Lord Venkateshwara!

The drive was uneventful with plenty of laughter and fun, dotted with intermittent stops at service areas for a hot drink to ward off the chill creeping into our bones. We reached the hotel early evening and after a quick freshening up session, our first stop was the temple.

Whatever the fact might be, the idol in Pittsburgh temple does have an aura and the positive vibes in the temple are pretty evident. It could be due to my belief or due to the magnetic forces.

The next day was a trip through downtown and to the New Vrindavan temple at Wheeling, West Virginia. The temple set in a serene setting calms the mind and provides one with a heightened awareness of the supreme being. But as luck would have it, the temple’s lights were out due to a storm the previous day and we had to satisfy ourselves with the daylight peeping in through the massive doors. The temple canteen provided us with warm food to fill our hungry stomachs and we were off to visit the Palace of Gold.

We were awestruck and touched by the monument which stands testimony to the devotion and dedication of Swami Prabhupada’s devotees, in a land far away from our own. The beautiful mansion adorned with intricately designed windows, each a masterpiece in its own right, pristine floors, gold leaf clad walls, carefully decorated interiors and a life size wax figurine of the Swami himself, which could easily be mistaken for a real person, highlights the fruitful labour of love and devotion.

In total, it was a rejuvenating experience and I would strongly recommend it to any friend living in US!

Moved to Blogger Beta!

Hi all,

I moved to Blogger Beta on Nov 11th and I must say that it went on without a hitch. The only drawback though was that comments left by non-beta-bloggers showed up as ‘Anonymous’.

I am pretty sad about it because, I have no way of identifying the authors who had spent much time and effort to leave comments during the past months. But I am hoping that as non-Beta- Bloggers start moving their blogs to the new version, this problem would be resolved.

Till then, my humble request to all of you is to include your name in your comments. That way, I can never lose track of you no matter, which Blogger version you are using.

Thanks in advance…..

World Bread Day 2006

world bread day '06

Today is World Bread Day. The International Union of Bakers and Bakers-Confectioners (UIB) have declared 16th of October as World Bread Day. I got to know of this when I chanced upon Zorra’s site, who is hosting a bread blogging event and has invited all bloggers to bake or buy a bread and blog about it. You can get more information from Zorra and from Paz.

15 Grain Whole Wheat bread

I had been wanting to bake a bread for so long and I thought this was a perfect opportunity, but alas time was not on my side. So, I have brought the bread which Sai and I relish the most, to limelight. It is a whole wheat bread packed with 15 grains, a hearty texture and a wonderful flavor. This store bought bread is an important part of our breakfast and we normally eat it with butter, jam, honey, cheese or plain because we simply love it!

I hope to bake a bread and blog about it pretty soon… 🙂

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Meme Time : About Me…

Beauty At Its Best
First, my thanks to Nandita of Saffron Trail for tagging me for this meme… It has been quite some time, since I wrote a post and I felt this would be a good one to start with… This meme did force me to do some soul searching…Hope you would enjoy reading this insight into my mind, as much as I enjoyed writing it…

I am thinking about tomorrow and what it will bring with it….

I said to myself I would keep the house clutter free…Am still trying to do it…
I want to learn classical music, all my grandma’s recipes, write a book, open a restaurant, start a s/w business, do my higher studies…the list is endless…
I wish I could have a little more patience, a little more energy to do all the things I want to…
I regret nothing…really nothing…I believe that whatever is bound to happen will happen…
I hear A.R.Rahman’s magical touch in the latest Tamil movie..It warms my heart, calms my mind and takes me on a beautiful dream…
I dance with my dearest hubby…
I am with my hands designing a s/w solution, cooking my hubby’s favorite recipes, crocheting a shawl for my mom, writing about things which touch my heart, watering my plants, cleaning my house….so on and on and on…
I sing all the time and my people don’t seem to mind…
I cry when I am hurt and angry and out of sheer frustration…
I am not a calm and quiet person as I seem to be 🙂
I write when I am happy and sad, when I am hurt and confused and when I have to..
I confuse my sister and my parents… 🙂 And of late, my husband..
I need lots of affection and moral support and by God’s grace, I have people who really love me….
I value my culture, heritage, traditions and my personal space..
I think of God and count my blessings everyday…

I hope to become a writer someday…
I laugh at myself when I lose my temper over silly things…

I tag Indira, Balaji and Shilpa



I never thought writing a post for Blog day would be so tedious, not because I had not found any new blogs, but because I had so many that I did not know which one to list down… 😦

I found out about Blog Day from Paz. BlogDay was started as a way for bloggers to discover new blogs of different cultures, views and areas of interest. More information is available at
Paz’s blog.

First of all, I would like to thank Paz for listing my blog…As a newbie in blogsphere, I have been discovering new blogs everyday and I found it very tough to select just five blogs… Yet, I have managed to list out some of the interesting blogs I found recently:

1. Raji’s En Iniya Ninaivugal
Raji writes about memories. Yes, memories and thoughts which all of us have treasured in our minds. Her eloquence keeps one hooked to the lines till the very end.

2. Orchidea’s Viaggi & sapori
Orchidea blogs about Italian food. It’s a treasure trove of recipes and beautiful pictures .

3. Shynee’s Indian Potpourri-Recipes,Culture,Ethnicity
As the name suggests, it is a potpourri of all cuisines with very interesting writeups and colorful photographs. I love this blog for the numerous seafood recipes..

4. Balaji S Rajan’s Reflections Of Mind
Balaji writes with a strong social awareness which drives home the point and keeps us wondering long after the webpage is closed.

5. Nicky & Oliver’s Delicious days
This blog needs no introduction at all. It has been selected as one of 50 coolest websites of 2006 by Time. The blog is so full of gorgeous pictures and recipes that it feels like a beautiful cookbook spread out for us.

Apart from the blogs mentioned above, the blogs which I adore are:

Indira’s Mahanandi

Sailaja’s Sailu’s Food

Archana’s Spicyana

Paz’s Cooking Adventures

Kay’s Towards a better tomorrow

Shilpa’s Aayi’s Recipes

Shankari’s Stream of Consciousness

Karthi Kannan’s KitchenMate

Revathi’s En Ulagam

Let me stop here, lest I be disqualified from Blog Day! 🙂

The list is very long and all my favorite blogs are listed in the links section.. Happy Reading!